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Webinar at the end of the Philosophy course

Webinar at the end of the Philosophy course

15 December 2020

On December 12, 2020, the Department of History of Kazakhstan and SPD of Karaganda Medical University, within the framework of the State Program "Rukhani Zhangoury" (Spiritual renovation), held a webinar with international participation "Cultural dialogue of Kazakhstan and India" for students of the GM.

The webinar was attended by students of the 2nd year of the GM, as well as graduates of this faculty. Students and teachers from Switzerland, Russia and India were invited as speakers. The guests of honor of this webinar were teachers and students of the West Kazakhstan University named after M. Ospanov of the city of Aktobe 2 and 4 courses of the GM, which showed considerable interest and activity in this event. 

The webinar discussed the cultural and philosophical heritage of Kazakhstan and India, their relevance for modern civilization, compared common ethical and spiritual values. The conference was held in English. The listeners learned a lot of useful information about the spiritual heritage of our countries and its significance for future generations and expressed in feedback a great desire to further participate in such events. Speakers and active participants of the webinar were awarded certificates.



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