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Lyudmila Akhmaltdinova

Lyudmila Akhmaltdinova


Head of the Shared Laboratory

Candidate of Medical Sciences


Scientific interests: Immunology and Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Scientific projects:

- Risk factors of development of a polymedicinal allergy (2011-2013);

- Features of functioning of alarm molecules of congenital immunity and separate indicators of the interleukins status in the formation of a multyvalent allergy (2012-2014, MES RK);

- Scientific and technical program O.0661 “Environmental risks and population health” (2014-2016, MH RK);

- Scientific and technical program O.0769 «Development of scientific bases of formation of preventive environment in order to preserve the public health» (2017-2019, MH RK).



The dynamics of levels of lypopolysaccharide-binding protein and procalcitonin during the experimental acute intestinal obstruction

Amanova D.E, Koishibayev Zh.М, Akhmaltdinova L.L, Matyushko D.N, Turgunov E.М.

Medical News of North Caucasus, 14(1), с. 145-148