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Ermek Turgunov

Ermek Turgunov

Head of the Department of Surgical Diseases No.2

Doctor of Medical Sciences



Scientific interests: Surgery

Scientific projects:

Innovative technologies of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of a surgical profile (2011-2016);

Application of endovideosurgical electrical pulse processing in surgical treatment of echinococcosis (2012-2014, MES RK);

Definition of a significance value of biomarkers in forecasting of development of the complications associated with intraabdominalny hypertensia (2015-2017, MES RK).



Koishibayev Z, Turgunov Y, Sandblom G, Lavrinenko A, Zhumakayev A. Dynamics of enteroperitoneal translocation of microorganisms on the experimental model of acute intestinal obstruction. Georgian Med News. 2017 Sep;(270):108-115.

Koishibayeva L, Turgunov Y, Sandblom G, Teleuov M, Baimuratova M. Assessment of the quality if life of patients after cholecystectomy. Georgian Med News. 2017 Sep;(270):30-38.


Turgunov Y, Matyushko D, Nurbekov A, Kaliyeva D, Alibekov A. Influence of the intra-abdominal hypertension on the blood coagulation system (experimental study). Georgian medical news. 2016;256-257:97-106.