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Nurkasi Abatov

Nurkasi Abatov

Head of the Department of Surgical Disciplines

Candidate of Medical Sciences


Scientific interests: Medicine, Surgery, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Scientific projects:

-  Development and applications of an extracellular matriks of an abdominal membrane in surgical treatment of hernias of a anterior abdominal (2015-2017, MES RK);

-  Development and implementation of new types of implants in laparoscopic nephropexy (2015-2017, MES RK).


Публикации :


Morphometric analysis in the zone of contact of various types of implants and tissue of kidneys of the rats early time experiment

Tusupbekova M,  AbatovN,  Abugaliev K,  AlbertonI,  Abatova A.  Asamidanov E,  Musabekov I.

Georgian medical news, (280-281), с. 129-134