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Walking tour in thre Karkaralinsky mountains
19 October 2020
From 11th to 13th September 2020 at the request of senior students –the permanent participants in the work of the local history club of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and the SPD, a trip to Karkaraly took place. During excursions in the Karkaralinsky mountains the students, internship doctors, graduate students as well as young doctors (graduating students of our university) in the amount of 14 people made fascinating trips to interesting natural objects.
Open day in the framework of the #ErasmusDays 2020
17 October 2020
The global event #ErasmusDays 2020 has been taking place around the world on October 15, 16 and 17, 2020. This event is on a simple idea - an opportunity for millions of participants of various projects Erasmus to share their experience of participating in projects, to talk about the changes that have occurred at the level of universities
It is time to be ready for the second wave of COVID-19
17 October 2020
The epidemiological situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan with regard to coronavirus infection has now stabilized but this is not a reason to calm down and forget about the problem.The main directions and solutions to the fight against COVID-19 are planned at the Medical University of Karaganda under the leadership of the rector R.S. Dosmagambetova and vice-rector for clinical work B.N. Kosherova within the process to be prepared for the second wave of coronavirus.
Dissemination of innovative teaching technologies
07 October 2020
In the "Medical University of Karaganda" from September 28 to October 20, 2020 within the framework of the World Bank project "Improving the quality of medical education at the Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibni Sino” online training is conducted for the teaching staff of TSMU in the amount of 19 people.
Acquaintance with the specialty
07 October 2020
On October 5, 2020, an online consultation was held on the Zoom platform for 1st year students of the specialty "Technology of pharmaceutical production". The meeting was chaired by the Senator of the School of Pharmacy Alimbatyrov Marlan. The purpose of the online consultation is to get acquainted with the specialty "Technology of pharmaceutical production".
To increase the quality of medical education
06 October 2020
In 2019-year, ALE “association of medical education and science “Kazakhstan medical board” (further –Association) was created to assistance and strengthening the principles of academic mobility, enhancement of human resources and qualitative education in the medicine area.
For the good of society
26 September 2020
Karaganda medical university students’ projects are famous not only in Kazakhstan but abroad. Soft exoskeleton, harnesses, walking sticks for visually impaired people, mobile lifts - this is a small part of the social projects made by the medical students that help and improve the life of society. And now, we will talk again about rehabilitation and contribution of our students to the progress of this process.
On-line seminars of the professor from the New Zealand
23 September 2020
COVID-19 pandemic have entered a lot of correction to our life and traditional training of the students of the Karaganda medical university at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Evidence-Based Medicine is carried out remotely.
October 27-28, 2020
14 October 2020
INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE «COVID-19 – CHALLENGES AND LESSONS FOR PHC» dedicated to the 42nd anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration on PHC, 90th anniversary of…
14 October 2020
Karaganda Medical University invites Faculty staff to participate in an online course “Educational technologies in clinicalteachingand learning”. Training date: from November 16 to…
12 October 2020
Karaganda Medical University invites Faculty to participate in an online course “Training of tutors for Problem-based Learning using virtual patients”, 108 hours/ two weeks. Date: from…
09 October 2020
Zhanar Yermakhanova’s online - defense to the thesis “Optimization of primary health care (PHC) for the disabled population of the South Kazakhstan” in candidacy for the degree of doctor…
Physical education to everybody!
07 October 2020
The Physical Health Center informs on holding of a mass sports event "Physical culture in the working day", dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It will be…