Karaganda Medical University
«Medicine and Ecology» journal
Library presents new books
12 December 2019
Not for the first time, on December 6, the library of the medical University presented colorful, informative presentation and information review of new books received in the framework of the state program "rukhani zhangyru" to the students, teachers and all employees of the University.
Cognitive lesson
12 December 2019
On November 29 this year, the event "Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was held among students of the specialty "General Medicine" of 2004, 2012, 2020 groups, organized by an assistant professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and the Department of Social and Political Disciplines of Karaganda Medical University N. Meiramova and trainee teacher A. Bakirova Following the results of the event, the following materials were presented
Confidently go forward
12 December 2019
An informative lesson was held at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Evidence-Based Medicine on November 29, 2019 with students of 3-033 group of the school of medicine under the guidance of the teacher of the department L.V. Penkova, at which the significance and role of the First President in the formation of Independence of Kazakhstan was discussed.
12 December 2019
According to the work plan of the Department of Pathology for the 2019-2020 academic year, on December 6, 2019, the faculty of the Department of Pathology held an Open Day for students of the gymnasium No. 45 of the city of Karaganda. More than 20 people attended the event, received answers to their questions, learned a lot about the future profession of a doctor, got acquainted with the training procedure and learned a little more about the Karaganda Medical University, looked at it live.
Successful academic exchange
10 December 2019
In the period of 11th and 23rd of November 2019 the teacher of the department pharmaceutical disciplines and chemistry A. B. Kopzhasarova have been working in the international kazakh-turkish university named after Кhoja Аhmed Yasawi in the department of laboratory disciplines.
On the way to Independence
10 December 2019
The Department of history of Kazakhstan and socio-political disciplines of Karaganda medical University has held a «Round Table» related to the «the First President of independent Kazakhstan».
Occupational guidance for prospective students of secondary schools No. 25 and 51
10 December 2019
On December, 9-10, 2019, the head of Foreign Languages Department V.A. Burmistrova conducted occupational guidance for prospective students in secondary schools No.25 and 51. The full information about the structure, faculties and specialties of the university, educational and material resources of its departments, as well as information about KMU students’ leisure organization was presented to the pupils.
The 4 place in the overall team standings
10 December 2019
The final stage of the sports competition for the prize of the akim of the Karagnadа region is over.
Dear students and staff members of KMU!
11 December 2019
On December 12, at 16.00 a.m. we invite you to the Assembly Hall of KSMU to the gala meeting and concert dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan The Department of Youth Affairs
22 November 2019
For your information, on November 26, 2019 at 2 p.m. Department of Kazakh language holds the meeting with finalists of the project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” on the topic: “Future of…
Dear KVN lovers!
19 November 2019
On November 22, the traditional annual game of the best KVN teams for the Rector’s Cup will be held in the Medical university of Karaganda. We invite everyone to be in the world of humor…
Application period 2020 for research internships in laboratories of the world!
18 November 2019
The Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation opens an annual application period for 17 grants for undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers for…
15 November 2019
Visit of the IARA (independent accreditation and rating agency) experts commission in the framework of institutional and specialized accreditation of educational programs of TVE…