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Teaching process encompasses
18 February 2020
Since the beginning of the new semester, after the holidays, the pediatrician interns have started the cycle "Emergency medical care in Pediatrics" with the big enthusiasm. During the course of the cycle, interns went on calls, discussed current topics with the teacher in practical classes, visited the center for simulation and educational technologies, where they improve their practical skills.
Career guidance work of the Department of Pathology with graduates of the school No. 92 of Karaganda
14 February 2020
On January 9, 2020, associate professor Abdikadirova H. R. and assistant professor Talaspekova Yu.P. of the Department of Pathology of the MUK carried out career guidance work with potential applicants at the MGI school No. 92 of the city of Karaganda. Pupils were provided with complete information about the structure, faculties and specialties of the university, about the educational and material base of the departments and about the organization of social activities of students of the NPJC
Valuable Recommendations for OSСE development
13 February 2020
Today, simulations based training is becoming one of the priority areas in medical education. The Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies of the NAO “Medical University of Karaganda” is a leader in providing simulation education not only domestically but also abroad. In 2017, the work of the Center was recognized as "Excellence in Simulation" and is accredited by the ASPIRE of the European Association for Medical Education (AMEE).
Training seminar on the prevention of the importation and spread of a new type of coronаvirus infection
12 February 2020
On February 7 to 8, 2020 at the State Institution “Health Department Karaganda region" a full-time and online training seminar was held by the assistant professor of the School of Public Health, Biomedicine and Pharmacy T. Britskaya
Emergency training
11 February 2020
In Outpatient Hospital #4 of the city of Karaganda from February 3 to 7, the trainer of the Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies Shmakov A.S. and Aubakirova D.N. conducted training on the topic "Practical course in the technique of medical manipulations."
Carefully, coronavirus infection!
11 February 2020
From February 6 to 7, 2020the staff of the module "Epidemiology" of " Karaganda Medical University" NCJSC together with master students conducted a training on the clinic
Volunteer Year
06 February 2020
Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev, president of the country, declared that 2020 year will be Year of the Volunteer in Kazakhstan. This initiative of the head of state will give a new impetus to the development of volunteering in the country and will serve to create an enabling environment for volunteering.
The tournament of the national basketball league
04 February 2020
The basketball teams of MUK have taken a part in the republican tournament of the national basketball league of Kazakhstan. Youth team has come third and girls ream has taken the second place and entered to the semifinal under the 1st tour results of the Central division.
Dear users of the web application of the student service center of «MUK» NCJSC
20 February 2020
The digitalization department of the Department of Information support and Infrastructure Development informs you that the web application will be switched to the new cos.qmu.kz domain.…
Dear students!
18 February 2020
The Compliance Office invites you to a motivation meeting with the Director of the International Mind Education Institute, the international journalist of MIND-magazine “Tomorrow”,…
17 February 2020
Dear candidates who are interested in applying for doctoral programs in health care at the Medical University of Karaganda! In accordance with the "Model Rules for admission to education…
12 February 2020
There is a new service for students at the portal cos.qmu.kz: Accessory to the vulnerable social group. At the beginning of the academic year, the accommodation to the dormitories is…
28 January 2020
The defense of the thesis of Orazbayev Bekzhan Alipbayevich for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on the speciality 6D110100 – «Medicine» speciality on the topic: «The choice of…